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As follow tests have been performed, of which 869 citizens have tested positive for COVID-19, in these municipalities:292 cases in Tirana, 68 in Durrës, 58 in Shkodër, 44 in Fier, 36 in Lushnje, 31 in Vlora, 24 in Elbasan, out of 20 cases in Lezhë, Kamëz, Korçë, out of 18 cases in Kukës, Sarandë, out of 17 cases in Kurbin, Kavajë, 14 in Berat, 13 in Krujë, 11 in Prrenjas, from 10 cases in Kolonje, Pogradec, Mallakastër, Dibër, Rrogozhinë, 9 in Patos, 8 in Gramsh, 7 in Vau i Dejës, from 5 cases in Malësi e Madhe, Divjakë, Gjirokastër, from 4 cases.

In Peqin, Skrapar, Roskovec, Vorë, from 3 cases in Fushë Arrëz, Shijak, Këlcyrë, Devoll, Dimal, Kuçovo, Poliçan, Librazhd, from 2 cases in Belsh, Cerrik, Maliq, Finiq , Klos, Mirdita, Puke, from 1 case in Tropoja, Libohova, Permet, Tepelen, Memaliaj.Read: Covid-19 pandemic, over 7,000 businesses close their doorsThere are 12,585 active patients with COVID19 across the country.Currently, 175 patients are receiving treatment at the COVID Hospitals, of which 33 are in a more serious condition. Despite the efforts of doctors, in the last 24 hours, 4 citizens have not won the battle with.

COVID19: three citizens from Tirana aged 62-71 and one 86-year-old citizen from Durrës.862 citizens have recovered during the last 24 hours, bringing the number of recoveries to 141,038 since the beginning of the epidemic.WhatsApp said on Friday it will give its two billion users the option to encrypt backups of their chats in the cloud, taking a significant step over one of the complicated ways of private communication between individuals on the app.The Facebook-owned service has encrypted conversations between users for more than a decade. But users have had no choice but to store their chat backups in their cloud – iCloud on iPhone and Google.

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